Intelleges helps you...

Establish a Baseline Measure

Determine an organizational baseline measure on performance using a validated tool.

Identify Improvement Opportunities

Analyze survey results from across the organization to find opportunities for quality and safety improvement.

Conduct Assessments

Use information from assessments and/or surveys to develop and implement unit-based quality and compliance improvement initiatives designed to improve the organization.

Improve Team Training

Embed team training into quality improvement projects and organizational processes to strengthen compliance systems.

Assess Vulnerabilites

Proactively assess strengths and vulnerabilities, and prioritize them for enhancement or improvement.

Integrate Approval Workflows

Automated alerts and validation, with approval workflows reduces labor-intensive reviews. (edited)

Intelleges has been working with Honeywell Aerospace for over 16 years.

“The extendibility of the intelleges platform allowed us to automate a very manual business process and increase productivity by over 600%. We are now looking at ways to leverage the platform’s capabilities across other functional groups within the organization.”

Kevin Walker, Senior Director Sourcing Compliance, Honeywell Aerospace

Improve How You Collect Information from Your Customers, Suppliers & Employees

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Customers, Suppliers & Employees

Agile Communications Channel

Intelleges’s questionnaire-based technology offers a comprehensive solution that uses advanced skip logic, automated reminders, self-guiding hints, online-videos, dashboards, approval workflows and many other features that form an agile communications channel that allows you to collect data & documents in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We provide a single integrated solution with all of the automation, validation, and support you need to meet your data & document collection, reduce cycle-time and reduce your overall costs.

  • 1. Thought Leaders
  • 2. Battle-tested Technology with Automation
  • 3. Audit-Proof
  • 4. Enterprise Ready (RBAC, API, SAP Integration)
  • 5. Dashboards & Charts
  • 6. Automated Alerts
  • 7. Approval Workflows
  • 8. Advanced Skip Logic
  • 9. Comprehensive Solutions
  • 10. 20 Year Values-based Company
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