Empowers and prepares corporate leaders to effectively collect information (data and documents) as needed at a moment's notice from anyone, anywhere, and at any time.


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Quick Intro

By way of an intro, we are Intelleges (pronounced like colleges) -- we're a technology firm that provides core software products to entities in a variety of sectors including Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Healthcare and Government.

Areas of focus include:

  • Compliance, Safety, Security and Quality Assurance
  • Employee and/or Vendor Assessments
  • Marketing, Management and Support
  • Source Selection, Price Analysis, and Bid Analysis
  • Help Desk/Real-time Field Support Tools

Over the past 16 years, our company has been busy building arguably some of the most powerful SaaS-based products available - including

  • Hs3 (for data & document collection);
  • Iterate CRM (for Due Diligence and Follow-up);
  • PODS (for Purchase Order Documentation Compliance);
  • Skillset DNA (for Technology and Cyber-Security Assessments);
  • Happy Face Desktop Support (Slack-based provider for help desk and real-time field support communication)

To provide some context on who we are, we have been supporting large scale enterprises (we have over 1000+ person footprint in some F50 companies) with a strong management team with real products solving real world problems. Our products are designed to scale with your needs and with the growth of your organization. Our products are enterprise-ready products that easily integrate with most ERP systems; and, can serve the needs of both large-scale global organizations and small firms with as few as 20 employees.

We have built in a ton of flexibility in our tools which allows us to support our customers on an individualized and customized way. Our collaborative approach has led to long-term, multi-year relationships with all of our clients.

We are actively looking to expand our customer base and would be happy to teleconference with you and answer any questions you might have.

Please feel free to call and contact me directly at 917 818 0225 or by email at .


Ben Louie

Chief Operating Officer


Improve Organizational Performance with Intelleges
Data-Centric Approach

We help companies collect data and documents to ensure that their behavior and actions are in alignment with their core values, business requirements, goals and objectives.

Increased accountability, efficient communication, blitz team support, automated analytics and reporting, and increased response rates.
For a single data collection effort (protocol), such as certs & reps, etc.

Online electronic questionnaire system w/ automated reminders for

  • customers, employees, suppliers & partners
  • Allows for reminder escalation w/ multiple recipients
  • Response aging report
  • Part# and purchase order level questionnaires
  • Question-Level alerts in real-time
  • Automated ERP integration with zCodes
  • Role-based access-control
  • Data segmentation by group and partner type
For multiple data collection efforts (Protocol) such as certs & reps and conflict minerals, etc.

Multi-Protocol System with Enterprise Level Data Sharing

  • Automated Language Translation
  • Clause, Sub-Process and Transaction level Tracking Recipients Questionnaires
  • Calendar-Based Alerts
  • Shadows & References w/Partner Confirmation
  • Skips Holidays & Weekends, Time-Zone Aware
  • Integrated w/Dashboard for Ad Hoc Reminders
For multiple lines of business (LOB) and/ or large scale business processes, such as SCM, MRP, security, etc., requiring multiple instances.

Integrated w/CRM (iterate) for follow-up and due diligence

  • With click-to-call, call history & next action
  • It has an industry-specific repository
  • Is team ready to avoid duplicate effort and duplicate calls
  • Can easily track call and contact history for audit & due diligence requirements
  • Supports email (SMTP), voice (VOIP), and mobile (SMS)



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