Empowers and prepares corporate leaders to effectively collect information (data and documents) as needed at a moment's notice from anyone, anywhere, and at any time.


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Collect. Store. Share.

Intelleges (pronounced like "colleges") lets you gather, analyze, store, and share structured knowledge and information within your organization. The primary purpose of our platform is to improve efficiency by streamlining the process and reducing the cost of acquiring knowledge.

Intelleges provide cloud-based data and document collection solutions and a questionnaire repository that improves effectiveness and optimizes quality, compliance,safety, and security efforts. With eQuestionnaires and eReminders that automate the data and document collection process to an integrated CRM, Iterate enables teams to meet key due diligence and follow-up requirements. Intelleges enable teams to more easily organize their efforts with one application for requirements that include supply chain management, customer relationship management, financial management, manufacturing resource planning, human resource management, and business process management.

Intelleges' innovative software offer real-time insight to ensure that you can easily track and monitor responses. With hundreds of thousands of questionnaires and data collection efforts over 15 years, Intelleges enable teams to adopt repeatable methodologies that make organizations more effective and productive than before.



On average, our customers increase their response rate by 28% and decrease effort by 40%.
  • Collect Information from Customers, Suppliers, Partners and/or Internal Sites
  • Use Automated Foreign Language Translator for Non-English Speaking Partners
  • Collect Information at the Part# and Purchase Order Level
  • Collect Information at the Process, Sub-Process and Contract Clause Level
  • Use Calendar-based Alerts for Contract Tracking & Monitoring
  • Leverage Icons to Follow Simple Workflow Process for Creating Questionnaires — Ease of Use
  • Access Key Features and Benefits
  • Organize Your Team with Our Software
  • Create A Knowledge Centered Organization
  • Make Better Decisions

Improve Organizational Performance with Intelleges
Data-Centric Approach

We help companies collect data and documents to ensure that their behavior and actions are in alignment with their core values, business requirements, goals and objectives.

Increased accountability, efficient communication, blitz team support, automated analytics and reporting, and increased response rates.
For a single data collection effort (protocol), such as certs & reps, etc.

Online electronic questionnaire system w/ automated reminders for

  • customers, employees, suppliers & partners
  • Allows for reminder escalation w/ multiple recipients
  • Response aging report
  • Part# and purchase order level questionnaires
  • Question-Level alerts in real-time
  • Automated ERP integration with zCodes
  • Role-based access-control
  • Data segmentation by group and partner type
For multiple data collection efforts (Protocol) such as certs & reps and conflict minerals, etc.

Multi-Protocol System with Enterprise Level Data Sharing

  • Automated Language Translation
  • Clause, Sub-Process and Transaction level Tracking Recipients Questionnaires
  • Calendar-Based Alerts
  • Shadows & References w/Partner Confirmation
  • Skips Holidays & Weekends, Time-Zone Aware
  • Integrated w/Dashboard for Ad Hoc Reminders
For multiple lines of business (LOB) and/ or large scale business processes, such as SCM, MRP, security, etc., requiring multiple instances.

Integrated w/CRM (iterate) for follow-up and due diligence

  • With click-to-call, call history & next action
  • It has an industry-specific repository
  • Is team ready to avoid duplicate effort and duplicate calls
  • Can easily track call and contact history for audit & due diligence requirements
  • Supports email (SMTP), voice (VOIP), and mobile (SMS)



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