Buy American Act (BAA) Compliance

The Buy American Act (BAA) module from Intelleges automates monitoring and reporting of domestic content in products. This ensures compliance with BAA requirements for government contracts.
Key Capabilities:
  • - Track domestic vs foreign content at part level
  • - Automated BAA classifications and calculations
  • - Customizable data collection forms and workflows
  • - Real-time warnings for non-compliant products
  • - Country of origin reporting and analytics
  • - APIs for connecting with part databases
  • - FAR and DFARS compliant reporting
Supported Standards:
  • - Buy American Act (BAA)
  • - Trade Agreements Act (TAA)
  • - FAR Part 25 - Buy American Act
  • - DFARS Part 225/252 - Buy American Act

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Customer Testimonials:

“We’ve reduced the effort to monitor and report on BAA compliance by 70% since implementing Intelleges.” - Director of Contracts