Technology & Software

Technology and software companies must comply with rapidly evolving regulations covering data privacy, cybersecurity, industry standards, and more. Non-compliance threatens customer trust, operations, and growth.

Intelleges offers an agile compliance platform enabling tech companies to easily adapt as regulations change while optimizing efficiency.
Use Cases:
  • - SaaS provider uses Intelleges to maintain compliant security controls required by SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.
  • - Leading social media company implements Intelleges to address GDPR, CCPA, and other global privacy regulations.
  • - Emerging fintech firm leverages Intelleges to embed FINRA and SEC compliance requirements into product development.
  • - Centralized tracking and reporting on regulations and standards
  • - Intuitive dashboards showing compliance status in real-time
  • - Automated control testing and evidence collection
  • - Workflow automation for security processes like vulnerability scanning
  • - Collaborative portal for managing policies, procedures, and training
  • - Configurable risk scoring algorithms aligned to standards
  • - API integrations with existing development tools and GRC platforms
  • - Accelerated speed to obtain and renew security certifications
  • - Reduced compliance overhead through increased automation
  • - Enhanced security posture and protection of customer data
  • - Lower vendor risk through automated assessments and monitoring
  • - Evidence of compliance supports access to new markets and customers
  • - Agility to quickly implement new privacy features and controls