On-Time Delivery (OTD) Tracking and Delay Mitigation

The OTD and Delayed Purchase Order Mitigation module enables organizations to proactively monitor and manage purchase order delays to avoid disruptions.
Key Capabilities:
  • - Tracking of purchase order status and projected delivery dates
  • - Dashboard highlighting late/delayed orders
  • - Early warning system for orders at risk of delay
  • - Tools for collaborating with suppliers on mitigation plans
  • - Workflow automation for delay approvals and notifications
  • - Reporting on supplier delivery performance
  • - Analytics identifying root causes of delays
  • - Reduce costs related to expedited shipping and production delays
  • - Minimize supply chain disruptions from late deliveries
  • - Improve supplier delivery performance
  • - Enhance on-time delivery rates
  • - Identify opportunities to improve supply chain resilience

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Customer Testimonials:

“We’ve reduced expedited shipping costs by 45% thanks to proactive delays management.” - VP Supply Chain