Sole Source Justification

The Sole Source Justification module provides the tools to document and manage exceptions to competitive bidding requirements.
Key Capabilities:
  • - Workflow for creating and managing sole source requests
  • - Standardized templates for documenting sole source rationale
  • - Central repository for sole source procurement records
  • - Approval workflows with audit trails
  • - Dashboards tracking sole source spend
  • - Tools for renewal and re-justification
  • - Reporting on sole source compliance
  • - Maintain compliance with sole source procurement regulations
  • - Improve oversight over sole source spending
  • - Enhance transparency into sole source decisions
  • - Reduce procurement and compliance risks
  • - Optimize processes with workflows and automation

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Customer Testimonials:

“We’ve reduced our sole source requests by over 20% since implementing the Sole Source Justification module.”