Government & Public Sector

Government agencies and public sector organizations face a complex array of compliance mandates related to information security, privacy, accessibility, contracting, and more. Non-compliance threatens constituent trust and access to federal funding and resources.

Intelleges provides an intuitive, unified platform to simplify compliance for the public sector.
Use Cases:
  • - State health department uses Intelleges to address HIPAA privacy regulations and enhance security of patient records.
  • - Local transportation authority leverages Intelleges to comply with ADA accessibility requirements in infrastructure projects.
  • - Federal research agency implements Intelleges to accelerate FISMA and NIST security compliance for sensitive scientific data.
  • - Automated tracking and reporting for FISMA, HIPAA, ADA, GDPR, CCPA and other mandates
  • - Dashboards to view compliance status across departments and initiatives
  • - Tools to manage policies, procedures, training records, and artifacts
  • - Workflow automation for controls testing, risk assessments, and audits
  • - Central repository for FOIA request management and document retention
  • - Collaborative portals for secure policy review and approval
  • - Reduce compliance program costs by 40%+ through increased efficiency
  • - Accelerated certification timelines enhance access to resources
  • - Improved security posture safeguards constituent data
  • - Higher accessibility compliance rates to avoid lawsuits
  • - Enhanced transparency through digitized FOIA processes
  • - Lower vendor and project risk through automated assessments