The transportation sector faces an array of regulatory mandates and risks related to safety, fuel efficiency, emissions, and more. Compliance is crucial but can be challenging with complex, global supply chains.

Intelleges helps transportation companies streamline compliance activities to avoid disruptions, improve sustainability, and enable data-driven decisions.
Use Cases:
  • - Global aerospace manufacturer uses Intelleges to ensure adherence with ITAR, EAR, and other defense trade compliance requirements across 5,000+ suppliers.
  • - Leading truck manufacturer leverages Intelleges to validate fuel efficiency and emissions compliance as required by NHTSA and EPA regulations.
  • - Railway operator implements Intelleges to comply with Positive Train Control mandates for safety and interoperability.
  • - Automated denied party screening and export controls
  • - Real-time traceability for change management
  • - Quality and performance testing documentation
  • - Customized risk assessment surveys and mitigation workflows
  • - Centralized repository for compliance data across global sites
  • - Dashboards for visibility into compliance status by program
  • - Tools to manage and document corrective actions
  • - API integration with existing vehicle testing systems
  • - Avoid costly supply chain disruptions from compliance violations
  • - Accelerated new vehicle time-to-market through streamlined change control
  • - Reduced compliance program costs by 40-60%
  • - Improved audit results and fewer major non-conformances
  • - Enhanced environmental sustainability through supply chain visibility
  • - Unified view of compliance data enhances risk management