FOCI Management and Reporting

The FOCI module enables compliance with regulations governing foreign ownership, control, and influence of contractors.
Key Capabilities:
  • - Automated FOCI assessments and risk scoring
  • - Tools to manage FOCI mitigation instruments
  • - Tracking of foreign shareholders and beneficial owners
  • - Workflow management of FOCI disclosures and reporting
  • - Centralized repository of FOCI-related records
  • - Reporting and notifications to facilitate approvals
  • - Dashboards for real-time visibility into FOCI status
  • - Ensure compliance with ITAR, EAR, and NISPOM
  • - Accelerate contract eligibility determinations
  • - Enhance security by identifying potential risks
  • - Improve competitiveness by demonstrating compliance
  • - Optimize FOCI processes and oversight

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Customer Examples:

“We reduced contract approval timelines by 40% leveraging the FOCI module capabilities.” - Senior Export Compliance Officer