Semiconductor companies must adhere to stringent quality, safety, and compliance standards to avoid disruptions and protect intellectual property. As supply chains globalize, managing compliance complexity becomes even more critical.

Intelleges provides an integrated platform to help semiconductor firms optimize compliance programs and supply chain risk management.
Use Cases:
  • - Leading fabless semiconductor firm uses Intelleges to ensure compliant security controls protecting IP and data. Achieved certification 4x faster.
  • - Top IDM implements Intelleges to centralize quality processes and documentation, reducing audit findings by 45%.
  • - Major wafer supplier leverages Intelleges to assess and qualify new vendors against ISO 9001 rapidly.
  • - Centralized repository for design history files and device master records
  • - Automated tracking and reporting for standards like ISO 9001, TL 9000, OHSAS 18001
  • - Intuitive dashboards to view certification status across global sites
  • - Workflow automation for key processes like ECO approvals, CAPA, and change control
  • - Tools to manage documentation for materials, equipment, facilities
  • - Customized risk assessment surveys and mitigation workflow
  • - API integrations with engineering collaboration platforms
  • - 60% faster certification and re-certification process
  • - Reduced compliance program headcount through automation
  • - Lower supply chain risk with real-time visibility into vendor performance
  • - Enhanced IP protection and cybersecurity through access controls
  • - Improved manufacturing quality management
  • - Higher yield and lower scrap rates from digitized processes